New YEEZYs Are Trash, Stop Being Kanye’s Puppet.



Today is the early release of the new YEEZY BOOST 350 V2 TRIPLE WHITE and they are ugly and overpriced. I know Kanye is on a heater, freshly off being the co-creative director the for the Pornhub Awards. (See Below)


I would attach the link to the NSFW pictures but I’m not doing all the work for your dirty dogs so here’s a link to where you can do it yourself (google machine).

I know what you’re thinking, “Dude, you just can’t afford them” or “This fucking kid has no sense of style”. Although both those statements are 100% true, I found not only ONE but THREE different options that not only look better but are a gazillion dollars cheaper.

So if you’re like me and have no sense of style and would rather spend your money on gambling or buying a 30 rack of Budweiser, keep scrolling.

Ultra Boost 4.0 Triple White – $135


Look at these beauties, Triple whites are in from what the internet tells me. I’m not sure if the black soles take away from the all white but I guess that’s why i’m not a damn fashion designer.

Tubular Shadow Triple White – $49


I hope you’re sitting down for this one. FORTY-NINE damn dollars.  The only thing with this guy is that he’s not wearing socks and his feet probably smell like the trash can sitting in the living room of a theta beta chow for 3 weeks. The shoes themselves are great but since I’m a pig I will not be wearing any white on white any time soon.

Cloud White – $45.50


If the last shoes are still out of your price range, you need more than your parents allowance these are the shoes for you. Plain and simple just like those damn YEEZYs but a fraction of the cost. Just absolutely no reason you should be Kanye’s little puppet  and spend probably 40% of your paycheck so Joe and Nancy at the bar can point and compliment you.

I would post a link to the websites where I found these sneakers but I am not sponsored (YET) so you guys can head here google machine and search your little hearts away.


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