Tip Of The Day: If You’re driving with 44 Pounds of drugs, Go The Speed Limit


NJ.COMPolice seized 44 pounds of cocaine and heroin (22 pounds of heroin and 22 pounds of cocaine is estimated at more than $1 million.) hidden in a shipment of onions and arrested two California men after pulling over a tractor-trailer in Morris County on Tuesday evening, authorities said.

Vantwuan D. Williams, 44, of Victorville, California and Earl Haggens, 57, of Los Angeles were charged with multiple offenses after cops discovered the drugs and $103,180 in cash, the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office said in a statement.”

A Netcong police officer pulled over the tractor-trailer following a motor vehicle violation on Main Street, authorities said.

Williams, the driver, gave the officer multiple fake names, authorities said. Police searched the trailer and found the drugs hidden in the onion shipment, authorities said.


An absolutely great story coming from the armpit of America. 44 damn pounds of cocaine and heroin! Look, I don’t know where they were headed or came from but if they made it to New Jersey from California it seems they were nearing the end of their voyage.

I’m just going to throw out a few friendly tips if you’re driving 2,884 miles with 44 pounds of drugs in your tractor trailer. First and foremost, go the speed limit. Trying to be casual will not be close to enough to get you through this trip. Thanks for coming to my TED talk, i’ve covered all my bases. Follow the damn laws, you know?

I of course am no expert but if I were to some reason get roped in to something like this for 50% of the profit, text me that is just what I would do.

Getting caught must have been a bummer for these guys; being pulled over is top 10 worst feelings to have, next to finding out your goldfish needs to be flushed. The other bummer is the fact that they are still pushing drugs at 44 and 57. These men are damn near retired, why not just be an uber driver to make ends meet?

Drugs are bad folks.


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