Canadian Government Can’t Stop This Proud Assman

Source: After Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) denied his latest request for an ‘ASSMAN’ vanity licence plate, the Melville man had an oversized decal designed to replicate the plate in question and then placed the decal on the tailgate of his white Dodge Ram pickup truck.

Assman first tried to put his name on a licence plate in the 1990s. That application was rejected by SGI as “profanity.” His recent application was denied on the grounds that it was “offensive, suggestive or not in good taste.” SGI, like all provincial authorities responsible for vanity plates, refuses any application that has even a whiff of sexuality, drug references, politics or religion. Its list of rejected vanity plates runs to 85 pages.

A Canadian man fighting the common man fight against the big bad government, a tale as old as time. You know what they say, “when an Assman sets his mind on something an Assman will go to any lengths to get it.”

This guy has been in cahoots with the Saskatchewan (Yes, real place) DMV since the 1990’s and refuses to give up. The fact that a working man can’t put his last name on his dodge ram is borderline inhumane. I’m glad we still live in a world where we can get around these ridiculous Canadian laws. The DMV may have won a battle but Mr.Assman won the war.

Strangely enough this isn’t the first assman to go viral from Saskatchewan. After looking into my fellow Assman family a little more it looks like Mr.Dick Assman was quiet the sensation back in the 90’s. He was a reoccurring guest on David Letterman and had his own sign at a gas station. Dick Assman, sadly past away in 2016 but we will continue fight the good fight in honor of all the Assmen.

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