A B-Minus Weekend Gambling Slate.

We’re going to kick off the gambling blogs this weekend ladies and gents. Let the record show we are officially 0-0-0.


Minnesota Wild -1½

Minnesota Wild at home is always the pick. They are the heavy favorite against a weak Devil’s team traveling to the bold north. With Vatanen out indefinitely due to a concussion it gives the wild the edge.

Boston Bruins -190

The B’s have earned points in eight straight but enter the most difficult stretch of the season with five straight road games. The B’s are 5-1 in their last 6 with no signs of slowing down. Bruins by 3.


Toluca +231 (Liga Mexico Primera Division)

Toluca is off to a slow start this year but I think they are due for a win against a hot Leon team. My gut tells me Toluca so Toluca it is.


Kevin Harvick +1000

Ricky Stenhouse J.R. +1400

I am just going to throw it out there, I know very little about NASCAR. What I do know is that Kevin Harvick is sponsored by Busch Light and Jimmy Johns. I myself was a fan of Busch Light in college and nothing compares to a nice sandwich from JJ’s while in the cube. I chose Stenhouse JR. because from the races I HAVE watched I usually see him making a splash in his left turns.

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