Zion Williamson’s Monstrous New Balance Deal

If you don’t know by know because you don’t have cable or any social media, this happened last night.

According to Newsweek; after the social media backlash, investors were clearly unimpressed by the incident and Nike shares were down by 1 percent. In financial terms, the decline translated to 1.12 billion being wiped off the swoosh brand’s market value.

Many people are now debating whether he should sit out the rest of the season to not hurt his draft stock but that’t not where this big brain is thinking. My brain is right up there with the genius over at Puma that tweeted this (now deleted).

They were right. It would never have happened if he was wearing Pumas because not a single division one basketball team in the country is sponsored by them. They are trying to come back in to basketball but I think they’re the wrong company.

When was the last time you saw anyone rip through one of these bad boys?

According to Forbes the biggest shoe deals are as follows:

Michael Jordan: $110 million, Nike (Jordan) …
LeBron James: $32 million, Nike.
Kevin Durant: $25 million, Nike.
Kobe Bryant: $16 million, Nike.
James Harden: $14 million, Adidas.
Stephen Curry: $12 million, Under Armour

If I was a part of New Balance I would be working drawing up a shoe deal for the upcoming potential number 1 pick. Personally I would offer 115 million just to make a statement. If anyone at NB Corporate would like to reach out to me you can reach me via email, Let’s make it happen.

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