B Minus Weekend Gambling Slate 2

Welcome back from a long week of sitting in your office and wishing it was Friday. It’s finally here, the weekend gambling slate and the weekend. We are now 2-3 after week 1 and the Monday bonus pick. Here are this weekends picks.

Friday: Avalanche V Blackhawks – U7

Ride with me on this one. The Avalanche and Blackhawks are the two worst teams in the central division. Book it.

Saturday: Mexican Primera Division – Cruz Azul ML

I wanted to redeem myself in Mexican soccer so I took a game that I feel more confident about. Cruz Azul is a historically good team, year in and year out. That’s not the only reason we take them though, Veracruz who they are playing on Saturday, have not scored a goal in 7 matches.


You’re probably asking yourself who the fuck are these guys. The Afreeca Freecs are a League Of Legends team competing in the Korean Champions on Sunday at 5AM. Why these guys? Because, WHY NOT THEM. I love winning, I love waking up a winner. I don’t know about you guys but I’ll be dead asleep at 5AM, so lets win some money this weekend.


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