Oh No Jim Boeheim Is A Murderer?!

Reports out of Syracuse last night say that Head Coach of Syracuse Jim Boeheim struck and killed someone who was walking outside on the interstate at 11:30pm. This is just tough all in all, I mean the way I’m looking at it is who the hell is walking outside on the interstate late at night. Apparently the guy was fixing his car and Coach Boeheim unfortunately ended up hitting him.

This story is just sad. Coach Boeheim at 74 years old now, has had some of the worst years at Syracuse lately and doesn’t seem like its really getting any better. Then this poor man who he struck. It’s just a freak accident and nothing you like to see. I wish his family the best as they try to move forward from his passing. But Boeheim has to live with this the rest of his life, which is torture.

So now goes into my question of the day for this topic. Does the NCAA suspend Jim Boeheim? He murdered somebody! Well.. It will probably be considered manslaughter at the end of the day. But come on now NCAA you really want a man like this leading the way of young athletes? Oh wait that’s right you don’t care about the athletes in the NCAA you just care about the money you’re going to get from the press of this story and selling tickets.

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