Nolan + Rockies = $260 Million

As you may have heard yesterday, Nolan Arenado just signed a mega extension with the Colorado Rockies for 8 years and $260 million dollars. That makes him the highest annually-paid player in all of Major League Baseball.

Let me just say that $260 million for 8 years, is an absurd amount of money. To break it down further, $260,000,00 would mean Arenado is making $32,500,000 per season, $89,041.10 per day, $3,710.05 per hour, you get the picture. The guy is raking in more dough than the local pizza guys (or gals, not assuming).

I went ahead and crunched some more numbers. Since Arenado has joined the MLB, he’s averaged 163 hits, 103 RBI’s, 31 HR, 95.2 strikeouts, and 3 hit-by-pitches per season. To break that down further, Arenado will make almost $200,000 from base hits, over $315,500 from runs batted in, over $1,048,000 from home runs, over $341,000 from strikeouts, or over $10,833,000 from getting hit by pitches each year for the next 8 years.

Can you imagine if someone offered to pay you over 10 million dollars to get hit by a pitch? Heat shmeat, I’ll get hit at 120 mph if it means I just made $10 million. Sign me up, and consider all that on my tab.

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