Break-In Went Wrong

According to, a man was arrested in Louisiana for breaking into someone’s home, resisting an officer, possession of meth, and…wearing a gorilla mask ( He was spotted by police walking through neighboring properties while wearing the mask, hence how they caught him. Oh and to make matters worse, he was caught hiding underneath a bed…not very gorilla-like.

Besides the fact that a person is carrying meth, or breaking into someone else’s house, or disregarding any law-biding official, apparently wearing a mask is a crime. I’ve never been to Louisiana, but if I’m not allowed to express myself for the gorilla that I believe I am, then I’m not sure if this is the society for me. Obviously, carrying meth, breaking an entry, and resisting police are way worse than wearing a mask…or are they?

Apparently, you could legitimately go to jail for up to 3 years in prison in the State of Louisiana if caught wearing a mask at the wrong time. There are exceptions if you’re wearing the mask for religious purposes or during holidays like Halloween. If you like wearing masks and happen to be in Louisiana, I recommend using that as your excuse before you get arrested. I also recommend staying at a nice hotel…less likely to get broken into by people trying to be gorilla’s that like meth instead of bananas.

A few more words of advice for our followers…first, don’t break an entry. Two, don’t carry any meth. Three, obey law enforcement. And four, don’t get caught wearing a mask in Louisiana. Consider that on my tab.

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