The Overachievers: Montreal Canadiens

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I could write a 200 page blog about this years Montreal Canadiens but that’s not what I’m here to do. I just wanted to check in and really look into the spot they’re in at the moment. Currently the Habs are sitting in the second wild card spot with 77 points in 66 games this year. Now we would be matched up with Tampa if playoffs started today. As much as I hate to say it we just don’t match up and there would be a high potential of a sweep. But, it is hard to win a playoff game in the Bell Centre so we could probably steal one from those guys.

Max Domi has come in on a one for one trade and has easily been our best player. He’s the type of player Montreal has needed for a bit now and we finally got him. Gallagher is about to have another 30 goals this year. A great young talent such as Kotkaniemi comes in and is doing so well for an 18 year in that city. There’s a lot of great things happening in Montreal which includes their prospects that aren’t at the NHL level yet.

This year isn’t the Canadiens year I mean we might not even make playoffs this year. Which sucks because there isn’t anything better than playoff hockey in Montreal. As hard as a lot of these players work every night, our roster just isn’t where it needs to be to go up against the Tampa Bays, Toronto’s, Boston’s, Washington’s, Pittsburgh’s in the East right now in a 7 game series. But that’s fine there’s no need to panic. If you are a Montreal fan you need to come to realization of what happened this year is something great. We saw players that were supposed to “tank” or be apart of team that was predicted to be at the very bottom of the league. Well they said screw that and have putting together the best hockey they’ve got. It’s exciting to see these young guys play with that amount of heart and effort, even if its not every night. Now as we look down the stretch we have an extremely hard schedule to finish out the year and get into the playoffs.

The boys are out west as they kick off the week in Los Angeles tomorrow then finish the week off with a back to back against San Jose and Anaheim.

Week of 10th-16th, Detroit (Home) / Islanders (Away) / Chicago (Home)

Week of 17th-23rd, Flyers (Away) / Islanders (Home) / Buffalo (Home)

Week of 24th-30th, Carolina (Away) / Florida (Home) / Columbus (Away) / Winnipeg (Away)

Week of 31st- 6th, Tampa (Home) / Washington (Away) / Toronto (Home)

Looking at that schedule, I just don’t seeing us having the edge of making the playoffs. We are running into a lot of powerful teams in the playoff picture that we will struggle against. But if anything, this team has surprised all year so don’t be shocked if anything crazy happens down the stretch. That’s all for today, Go Habs!

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