McDavid & Eichel, Will They Ever Get Into The Playoffs?

Image Via: Buffalo News

Interesting stat I saw last night scrolling twitter. McDavid and Eichel have been in the NHL for almost five full years now. They’ve completed four seasons each in which they have combined for only two playoff series played. McDavid has played two in one year, while Eichel hasn’t gotten a lick of playoff time.

That’s just no fun, I mean these guys are not going to make it in again this year. Missing players like McDavid and Eichel in the playoffs does hurt the NHL. These guys are “gamers “and you want to see them when it really counts in April and May. Unfortunately that hasn’t been the case and its something we are going to have to keep suffering through.

Buffalo does have a great future ahead of them, but can’t say the same for Edmonton. It’s tough to watch arguably the best player in the game just rot away in that shithole of a city. If Edmonton can’t fix something in the next couple years you have to be concerned for McDavid. Eventually the Sabres will make it in there and be a contender in the near future, I mean they were the best in the league at one point this season.

For now we are just going to have to deal with these guys not being in playoffs for another year hockey fans. One day maybe we will see these two battle it out for a cup. Also there’s a very high chance that doesn’t happen either.

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