Mike Trout to the Phillies?

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Could you image if Mike Trout, the greatest baseball player of this generation (don’t @ me on that), was to join forces with Bryce Harper and the much-improved Phillies?

Trout’s expected to become a free agent for the 2021 season, and quite honestly if I was a MLB player with a pulse, I’d want him on my team too. I don’t fault Bryce for trying to recruit him, but I think as a new guy in the locker room he should leave the recruiting to someone who knows what it means to actually play in Philly.

I get that Mike Trout is from Jersey, obviously very close to Philly, but I can’t see how the Phillies would be able to make it work. You have to figure that they’d be getting rid of some of their stars to be able to afford Trout in the first place. The Phillies are in a great spot right now with plenty of young talent, so I’d hate to see all that go away even if it may be Trout they get at the end.

I’d love to hear what you think about Trout potentially going to the Phillies. If you think he’ll end up elsewhere, I’d love to hear that too. Consider all that hoopla on my tab.

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