Operation: Varsity Blues

Image via MPR

For all you college students, parents of college students, college students who are parents, people who know college students, people who know potential college students, and anyone else with a pulse, a major development has just begun to unfold in the college world.

Actresses Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman are just two of the approximately 50 names listed by the FBI that have been involved with a nationwide college admissions scheme. Essentially these people with access to resources (a shit ton of money) that a normal person doesn’t, have taken advantage of having said resources to get scholarships and athletic privileges for their kids at prestigious schools. It even includes paying people off for their kids to pass their SAT’s, ACT’s, and other major exams.

Coming from a family with very little (but very proud, thank you mother), I feel cheated that someone who was born into the right situation can take advantage of their wealth, despite me having better reason to get whatever scholarship they wound up paying for. And yes, I’m assuming I’m the better student for the sake of the people who this actually applies to.

If I was a person with that kind of wealth to drop $500,000 on my kid to have them get a full-ride with tons of other benefits , isn’t there a part of me thinking they should earn that for themselves instead of me just casually dropping half a mill? Although I guess what’s half a mill to a movie star or some other rich guy? With that said, consider my kid’s college tuition on their tab.

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