NHL: Full Slate Of Big Time Games Tonight!

Image Via: thestar.com

Last night the picks were a little off, going 1-2. Toronto may have gotten screwed over last night after Chicago’s tendy Delia decided to hit the net off. Even though he confirms it was off before. McDavid got his 100th point for the third straight season. He’s arguably the most skilled player in the world and doing this on a dumpster fire of a team in Edmonton is just that much more impressive. Vancouver cleaned up shop on the Rangers last night as we saw two different 5 minute majors assessed against New York.

Going into tonight we have some big games on the schedule.

Habs vs. Islanders: I’m going Islanders on this one. Montreal struggled last game and the Islanders out match them.

Caps vs. Flyers: Going Capitals here. Flyers are out of a playoff spot right now and I expect them to play Washington hard. But Caps just lost to the Pens and don’t see them losing this one.

Pens vs. Sabres: Penguins lock it. Sabres have pissed me off all year.

Lightning vs. Red Wings: Tampa Bay is just too good. No way they don’t win.

Blues vs. Senators: Blues are in a race for home ice versus the Preds. Don’t see them losing when this is an easy two points.

Stars vs. Wild: Going Dallas here they need to win and the Wild are still in contention but have lost a couple in a row.

Bruins vs. Jets: Winnipeg have dropped a couple in a row and I see that continuing one more game tonight. I see the Bruins winning a big away game.

Ducks vs. Coyotes: Arizona is fighting for a playoff spot, they take this one tonight.

Panthers vs. Sharks: San Jose is a great hockey team and they’re finally getting into the swing of things. They take the W over the Panthers in the Shark Tank tonight.

Preds vs. Kings: Predators need a big road win. They’re good team and good teams find a way to win. I’m taking Smashville here tonight.

Lets get ready for some big time games tonight baby!

Image result for nashville preds mascot gif
Gif Via: reddit.com

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