Trailer: Stranger Things Season 3. Season To Release On The 4th Of July

Image Via: GEEK

The Stranger Things Season 3 trailer is finally here! We are back to the 80’s this summer and things have been revamped.

The trailer kicks off with Dustin wishing more people were happy he was home, little did he know the full squad was outside waiting for him.

It jumps right into one of my all time favorite songs, Baba O’Riley to get the crowd going. When I heard “OUT HERE IN THE FIELDS” I was instantly ready to run through the closest brick wall. Pool days, mall trips, movies and all the other things 80’s kids did.

Baby, would you look at that gorgeous set of lettuce on Billy? I mean instant rise to C list celebrity here.

This guy has to be the Mayor or governor. Whoever he is I already don’t like him. That hair just screams, DON’T TRUST ME.

Lastly, we have the new demogorgon. This is one scary SOB, I didn’t screenshot that part when the camera got all up in his grill but trust me when I say it’s not pretty.

I don’t know about you but I have cleared my schedule for July 4th to binge watch the season in one sitting.

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