Goodbye To The Legend #69 I Mean 87

Image Via: Wikipedia

Yesterday Mr. Rob Gronkowski decided to say goodbye to the game of football. As a Patriots fan but not the biggest of them all its a bittersweet day. This guy did it right, went out on top.

Gronk has been injured his whole career and played beat up every single game. This man did so much for us Pats fans man. We truly lost a great player. I have nothing but respect to see this guy walk away while he’s still young at 30 years old. Like c’mon, he took a beating and his body is probably in pain all the time. He did all that he could for us and wow it was great to see.

Robby boy is on a permanent vacation and I know we will see him around all the time. He brought so much to us fans and his team by making sure football was fun. New England loves this man and I can’t thank this guy enough for all the great memories he made for us as he represented the Patriots organization so well. He will definitely be missed.

Its coming to that time where the greats are on their way out. Gronk now, then soon will see the GOAT Brady go in the coming years, then Belichick. But everything will be fine in New England, we just need to take these times not for granted as we are coming to an end to an era of greats.

Thank you Gronk from all of New England. You’re the best Tight End to ever do it.

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