Zion Williamson Just Rented An Apartment In NYC

Image Via: Clutch Points

Earlier today, Zion Williamson finally declared for the NBA draft which should not come as a surprise to anyone. There is no way he was living in a dorm for another year when the Knicks are going to draft him and put him in a penthouse in the upper east side of NYC.

Can you imagine this 6’7, 284 pound monster sleeping on a twin XL in a room the size of my thumb? Because I can’t.

Image Via: Duke

These rooms are okay for us simpletons of the world. The backbone of America, the hardworking people that sit in our cubes and hate our lives. Zion, he deserves better and he knows it. Declaring for the draft today opened up the opportunity to live the life he deserves. I made a few calls and found a nice fit for Zion in Chelsea.

Image Via: The Beatrice
Image Via: The Beatrice

I know it’s only a slight upgrade but with the time crunch I wasn’t able to look around for more. I went ahead and signed us (Zion and I) up for a tour for later this week. Zion wanted to go smaller so we will be looking at a two bedroom, 1,004 ft² apartment for a mere $8,223.00 a month.

The lease will be signed shortly and I will be accepted interview requests at this time, reach me via twitter @Onhistab

Please credit On His Tab if you are running this story on the local news.

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