Bruins or Leafs? Preds or Stars? Avs or Flames?

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Wow what a statement by two teams last night. We had the Blue Jackets and Islanders sweep two teams that were ‘supposed’ to be heavy contenders to raise Lord Stanley’s Cup. I can’t get over how people still don’t get that the NHL playoffs is the best thing in sports. Literally anything can happen, any team can win if they get their shot. That’s what you’ve been seeing so far.

Lets get right into tonight’s first match up. We have the second game in Toronto before we head back to Boston. This series is a gritty one so far, there’s been so much chaos and both these teams do not like each other. So much skill and depth on each team, its got to be the best series to watch in my personal opinion. Tonight I think Boston evens it up but wouldn’t be shocked if Mitch Marner goes off again and the Leafs steal both at home. I had this series going the distance so that’s why my final answer is Bruins win by a goal tonight and head back home.

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Going into the Nashville Dallas series now. Nashville was able to take the 2-1 series lead last time out. I believe Dallas finds a way to win this one at home. Nashville isn’t the big bad scary team that we have been used to the past couple years. For myself I also had this series going the 7 game distance so will see what happens tonight. It’s a must win for Dallas obviously, no one wants to go back to Bridgestone down 3-1.

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Last game of the night will be the Av’s and Flames. Boy oh boy this one is a hard one to predict. I see two different scenarios happening and don’t really know what outcome will get. My gut is telling me the Av’s are going to win at home again tonight and take a 3-1 series lead back to Calgary. That Cale Makar kid is disgusting, what a guy to be able to bring along during this time of year. Nathan MacKinnon just has to be one of the best in the game as well, especially in the big moments that guy is always there. I really like this upset in this series. So I’m going with Colorado tonight. Calgary is a team that can easily bounce back and shove it down anyone throat, but for some odd reason I just don’t know if that will be tonight.

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