I Found The Most Absurd Clothing Company

Buckle in ladies and gentlemen because this is going to be an absolute wild blog to start your weekend. I was scrolling on twitter late last night and I came across something I had to do a double take on.

I would NEVER kink shame but holy shit these are ridiculous! I mean who the fuck is buying these shirts? Obviously a stupid question considering the answer is cucks and their wives. As a journalist I felt it was my duty to dive in deeper and give everyone the inside scoop on what they sell. No free ads but if the owners of the shop want to sponsor the page I will gladly run sponsored posts. Money is green folks and I’m tired of eating cups of ramen every night.

I like to think of myself as a guy that knows his stuff around the bedroom. I’m not saying i’m Ron Jeremy but I have to at the very least be on Leolulu level. If you don’t know who they are and want to do your own research i’ll link some of their work below. This photo has to be racist right? Chinese girl, China shop? I have no idea what it means or what a bareback warrior is and I don’t think I want to find out.

I’m at a loss for words on these, I just don’t know what I can say to address these pictures. Do you wear these in public? On your way to a swinger party? If anyone wants to leave some comments describing how one lives the cuck life, please do.

Again, I would never kink shame but what the fuck did I see last night? I might just be old and don’t understand what the young kids are in to now but to each their own I guess. I just want everyone to have fun, happy Friday cucks, bulls and bareback warriors.

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