Who’s Next? Dave “The Grim Reaper” Portnoy Continues To Claim The Souls Of People Who Denounce Barstool

Ladies and gentleman, stoolies of the world our president has done it again. Dave Portnoy has taken out not one but multiple people who denounce Barstool Sports.

“It’s great when bad things happen to bad people” – Dave Portnoy Via Barstool Radio 4/30/19

This all started with John Skipper the alleged cocaine addict back in March of 2018. If you don’t remember he quit abruptly not long after giving the boot to Barstool Vantalk.

“It is a huge victory for us, I love watching my enemies go down,” said a giddy Portnoy. “They say it’s substance abuse, that stinks for him, but it’s probably a cop-out.”

The latest victim? Susie the twitter warrior who not too long ago said this:

She has now been fired and one can only count on a bottle of ace of spades will be popped on the rundown today. Barstool Sports will simply not lose, the pirate ship goes on. Who is going to be the next person to go down? Sam Ponder? Roger Goodell?

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