Blue Jackets and Sharks take the 2-1 series lead after last nights battles.

After last night we saw Columbus and San Jose win a pair of games that were must watch hockey. Back and forth action in both of them. First off, the Columbus Blue Jackets and Boston Bruins battled it out to a 2-1 finish. Brad Marchand incident didn’t result in a fine or suspension. I see why but that’s a dirty play and shouldn’t be something that we love to see. Marchand plays on the edge and sometimes takes it too far that’s what we saw last night. Pasta was moved to the third line and it honestly wasn’t a bad move he’s still not performing great. But that third line is pretty nasty right now. The Blue Jackets had the momentum in that building last night and that made the difference in my pick being wrong. San Jose took it to Colorado a bit. We saw that highlight reel goal though from Nathan MacKinnon. My god was that gross. He’s proving that he has to be top 5 in the league right now. I believe I had Colorado last night. So 0 for 2 last night.

Tonight we start off with the New York Islanders heading to the Carolina. Carolina has 2-0 lead going into their dangerous building. I honestly saw Carolina taking a 3-0 lead tonight. But a huge concern to me is all the injuries. Those guys are beat up right now and that is not going to help down the stretch. I think the Islanders wake up and bring the series to 2-1 in Carolina’s favor.

The Western Conference game tonight is St. Louis vs. Dallas. I really believe that the Blues are about to do something special this year the way they have been playing. But tonight I’m going with the home team. All the games have been close and I feel the bounces going into the Stars favor tonight.

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