Dave Portnoy brutally attacked at the Enterprise Center during game 4 of the Stanley Cup Final

Game 4 of the Stanley cup final at the Enterprise center, this was the last thing I expected to see tonight. Hits everywhere, over 50 on the ice and we can add one more in the blue collar section now too.

I have not seen one report discussing this attack on the founder of Barstool Sports, Dave Portnoy. Is it because it doesn’t fit the narrative that he is douchebag? The mainstream media is silent but I am here to shed light on this vicious attack.

The man behind him clearly wound up and hit Pres in to next week! Graciously, Dave did not flinch or make a scene about it but the attacker proceeded to deny assaulting him!

Tonight was supposed to be about hockey but I will not let this go unnoticed.

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