What was your first ‘I don’t get paid enough for this’ moment at work?

Everyone that is reading this has had a moment where you think to yourself “I don’t get paid enough for this”. I’m here to shed light on all of those moments.

I started working in the tile industry so the first residential call when a dog attacked me was the first time I realized I was not going to be getting paid enough. I dove in the depths of the internet to pull some horror stories to make you feel better about your shitty job.

Worked at a fast food place about 13 years ago. This lady in the drive thru claimed she was missing a sandwich. Our policy was to ask for the bags back to verify. I asked to see the bags (3 or 4, decent sized order) and instead of handing them back like a civilized human being she instantly started raging and throwing the food into the window while cussing me out!
Guess what one of the items that she threw at me was? Yep, said missing sandwich.

A few years into my flying career (so definitely not earning what people think pilots earn), I was asked to take a bunch of handicapped children and their carers for a ~10 minute flight in a small twin-prop aircraft. All seemed to be going well until after landing, when I smelt the unmistakable stench of vomit. I looked around and all the passengers were looking horrified, as the inside of the plane had been covered in what, I was told, used to be strawberry milkshake.
I then had to vacuum and wash down the carpet in the plane. The vacuum died after picking up a large amount of this lumpy white substance and it started to drip back down the nozzle. It was a warm day and that didn’t make the smell any better.
(I mention the handicapped thing not because I’m an awful person, but because his learning disability meant he didn’t think to inform his carer of his nausea, so there was no attempt to reach for the sick bag)

When a clarinet came across my bench that someone had jizzed in.
When I found a dead mouse in a bari sax.
When people think duct tape or superglue is an acceptable substitute for soldering parts together.
….when people use superglue on their instruments, period.

I got called at home after work to pick up a drunk naked female coworker off the bathroom floor in our office after a happy hour. The coworker that called me was male and didn’t want to touch her after she undressed and blacked out. I live close to the office so he called me. BTW, I suffer from depression and PTSD due to abuse from my alcoholic family members. I’m also an addict. 3 years sober.
This person has done some major shit here in our company already before this incident. She was not even slightly reprimanded after this. I blame the managers at our company who hired her and let her be a brilliant jerk.
I was not even thanked properly and was told it’s my job.
I’m looking for a new job. Interview on Friday. Wish me luck.

If you are not phased by these examples then you should really apply to a different job or you’re simply a nut job.

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