The Lord’s Day Gambling Picks

Ladies and gentleman, don’t call it a comeback but we’re officially back to give you FREE money. It’s the lord’s day and I’m ready to throw out guaranteed winners. Let’s ride.


CC is on the mound and after an amazing ejection on Saturday there is no doubt in my mind that this guy is going to throw absolute heaters. The Yankees are on a mission and no one will stop them.


After a good game against the Rangers last night, I think the game today between these two teams will be a slow day for both offenses. I have no reason but my gut tells me that after a 19 run game, it won’t happen two nights in a row.


To be completely honest, pre-season football games are new territory for me. I’m going to be at Vikings game tomorrow and need a reason to be invested. What better way than to throw a unit on the Vikings. I like to think I’m good luck so if my ass is in U.S Bank I KNOW that the Vikings will win by 20. SKOL!

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