Monday Night Football Picks

There are two sayings in football that I learned from a very young age, the Browns will always be the Browns, and the Jets will always be the Jets. Historically two of the worst franchises in the NFL. Between the two, there has only been one Superbowl appearance, EVER! For the first time in a while the entire offseason it was well known that both teams would be much improved and possibly have a shot at making the playoffs. But in week 1, the Browns Browned, and the Jets Jetted.

The Browns were in the game at halftime only trailing by 6, but were outscored by the Titans 31-7 in the second half, resulting in a blowout loss.

What happened to the Jets may sound shocking, but the more you think about it, it was the most “Jets” thing they could have done. With a 16-0 lead with only 19 minutes left in the game, it seemed like an easy win, but the Jets managed to give up 17 straight points in 19 minutes to lose 17-16 in true jets fashion.

To make things even worse for the Jets, starting quarterback Sam Darnold has been ruled out indefinitely with mono. Backup quarterback Trevor Siemian will get the start now, digging the Jets into an even deeper hole.

The spread on the game right now is Browns -7, which I am not a huge fan of considering a full touchdown lead would still result in a push. If you can tease it down to -6.5, I would recommend it.

The Jets put up 16 points in week 1 while the Browns only put up 13, this is not an exact correlation to what will happen this week, but to say neither offense had a breakout game is fair.

23 points per team would be a big upgrade from what both offenses produced last week, and when you factor in the absence of Darnold, I really like under 45.5 points.

I expect a big breakout game from OBJ, after a relatively quiet week 1 and against the Titans. He will have a much easier matchup against the Jets secondary that he did week 1. Odell has the ability to turn a 5-yard slant route into an 80 yard TD like nobody else in football, so far me his over on receiving yards at 88.5 seems like a good bet.

1/2 Unit: Browns (6.5) (-130)
1 Unit: (u45/5) (-110)
1 Unit: Odell Beckham Jr. Receiving Yards: (o88.5) (-115)

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