Some attractive Twins…Minnesota Twins that is…

Over the last few seasons, the home run has played a role as such a difference-maker. This year is no exception, as a record amount of home runs have been hit with over 10 games to spare.

The Minnesota Twins have set some records of their own, hitting the most home runs by a team in a season (still have one more home run than the Yankees this season) and becoming the first team EVER to have 5 different players hit 30 or more home runs in a single season (Kepler, Cruz, Rosario, Garver, and Sano).

Obviously hitting the most home runs doesn’t always lead to World Series victories…last years’ Red Sox ranked 9th in home run totals but lead the league in runs scored, hits, doubles, total bases, RBI’s, batting average, on base percentage, and on-base plus slugging. But this years’ Twins lead the league in total bases and slugging percentage, rank 2nd in batting average, and 2nd in runs scored.

The Twins are proving that they have no issue with scoring runs and have multiple weapons in the lineup to drive the runs in. Jorge Polanco is also an absolute force on this team. The biggest questions for them come from the pitching side. Can this pitching staff stay in games against teams like the Yankees or Astros? Berrios has been great and proves to be a fine young talent. But the thing is…he’s young and inexperienced in the postseason, which could end very similarly to what we saw with Severino last year. He’ll need the help of guys like Odorizzi, knowing that they can get wins if he can pitch at his norm come playoff time.

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