Twins vs Yankees

In tonight’s matchup between the Twins and the Yankees, I’m expecting to see an absolute slugfest. These teams had the most home runs in baseball this year, and playing in Yankee Stadium should continue that trend for the next couple of games.

Watch out for Giancarlo Stanton in this game. The Yankees probably would’ve beaten the Twins for the most home runs in baseball if he had been healthy all year. He only managed to play 18 games, but his power is game-changing and could give the Yanks an extra boost.

As great as Berrios was this season, I’m not sure if he’ll be able to continue that success moving into the playoffs. He’s a young pitcher with no playoff experience, o he’s another player I’ll be keeping my eyes on as well.

Either way, this has the makings to be a very entertaining game, and I look forward to watching. The Twins and their fanbase are fired up to be back in the playoffs after wrapping up a very strong 2019 season. Will the Yanks crush their playoff dreams?

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