Listen Now: Kylie Jenner – Rise and Shine [Trap Remix]

Start video @ 15:19

This past week Kylie Jenner has been on one hell of a heater. From the second the office tour video dropped, it has been non-stop viral tweet after viral tweet with that angelic voice singing “Rise and shine”.

If you didn’t see them, you probably live under a rock or you’re too old for these viral moments and you will hear about this in a month. That’s okay because when you’re talking about this at work, show them this and how hip you are!

It was only a matter of time before it got turned in to a trap remix and I have been up all night waiting for someone to release it. Last night at around midnight my prayers were finally answered!

Asher Postman is doing the lord’s work and he doesn’t even realize it yet. From the start I absolutely knew the song was going to catch my speakers on fire and it did.

If you like this, follow and stream Asher Postman’s music below:




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