The NY Yankees Disappoint Once Again

This is the moment the game was over, not the 3-run home run. This team is an absolute disappointment and I have no other words to describe this season. Every time the guys went up to bat it was the same thing. They showed no life, no fire and simply didn’t portray the feeling to win. Countless times we had the opportunity to chip away or tie the game up and we left men stranded on base.

The main problem this series were our at bats but looking back the umps had some really bad calls. I’m not complaining but i’m complaining.

I hope this blind, ugly and fat ump is kicked to the curb after his poor performance this year. I want him OUT.

That being said, I want a lot of guys to not come back for the 2020 season either. I will be writing a season recap blog where i’ll include some names once I’m not frustrated with this Yankees team.

I just don’t understand where we lost the fire that we saw various moments through out the season. It was good while it lasted, here is to a decade of disappointment.

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