Breaking Bad…Beer Edition?

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So many of you know the hit show about Walter White. You might also know that they created a sequel-movie to the series called El Camino. But did you know that a Breaking Bad Beer was created?

The beer was brewed by Dean Norris, who is the DEA Agent (Hank Schrader) and Walter White’s brother-in-law in the show. It was available for purchase in an Albuquerque Costco, and was sold out within 3 hours…does Hank have a more demanding product than Walter White?

For anyone interested in purchasing later on, the name of the beer is Schraderbräu, which is a German lager. Dean says he plans to launch the beer nationwide very soon, so “stay tuned” and please drink responsibly if you wind up buying…even though you can consider that on my tab.

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