Recapping Canelo V Kovalev

Last night our following was split between watching UFC 244 or Canelo v Kovalev. If you’re reading this, you’re on the side that was watching the boxing match that only took what seems like forever to start.

If you follow us on Twitter then you saw that we released our picks early on who we thought would win. Canelo was the favorite, his odds were -120 and we knew that was the right call. At On His Tab HQ we do things a little different so the boys rounded up their favorite prop bets and threw money on them.

The overall consensus was Canelo by KO, TKO or DQ (+180) and Canelo to win in rounds 7-9 (+600)

After the longest Russian national anthem ever and the most boring Mexican national anthem performed, the fight was finally underway. It started off slow which worried me for Canelo winning in rounds 7-9 and boy was I right .

9th round came and we lost that bet. Both Canelo and Kovalev put on a hell of a show for the people watching. It was back and forth and I could not see a clear winner. Then, round 11 came and both men traded blows. In the last minute of the fight, this happened:

The win came by K.O and the boys went crazy since we were up 2u.

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