MSU CB Josh Butler brings dogs to Senior Day after the death of his parents

Michigan State cornerback Josh Butler lost both his mother and father in the span of his five-year college career. In their stead, Butler was accompanied by his dogs Roxy and Remi ahead of Saturday’s Senior Night matchup against Maryland. Butler adopted both dogs while he coped with losing his parents. Raising the boxer and red-nosed bulldog mixes has been an outlet for him, just as football was when his father died.


WAIn 2017, Butler learned of his father’s passing just hours ahead of Michigan State’s matchup with Penn State. While Butler was hurting, he decided to “play hard,” just as his father, Steven Butler, said to him through text that morning. The Spartans fought back for the upset victory, 27–24.

“I just felt I had to play for him,” Butler told the Lansing State Journal.

A year and a half after losing his father to a heart attack, Butler lost his mother, Ladrida Bagley, to Stage 4 breast cancer. He drove 18 hours to Dallas to see her before she died, then had to plan her funeral.

While Butler’s parents separated before their deaths, he went through the difficult times with his four brothers


Just an absolute feel good story to get you through the Sunday scaries. Overcoming the adversity he faced through out his college career and ending it with a 19-16 win over Maryland. It just goes to show you that no matter what happens in life things will get better. Kudos to MSU for allowing him to walk out on the field with his dogs and giving us an extra reason to smile today.

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