Best Cyber Mondae Deal!

  1. Question: why spell with an “ae” at the end?
  2. Answer: “well you spell ice cream sundae with and “ae” and those are so good, especially with the hot fudge in the bottom…. soooo…”

Many of us have been asking what is going to be the deal (s) of the dae and I have the answer for you.

Gentlemen, Sandro – Paris is offering to save you some big bucks this holiday season!

  1. This seems fitting because its being referred to as “the cyber Monday event” when you visit their site…so check it out!

2) Amazon has it all so hands down start your search there if you are looking for anything specific. I think everyone should own an electric toothbrush…I have two! One that I keep in my apartment and another that I use when I travel! Amazon has great deals on electric razors too, the Philips Norelco is one of the best!

3) Adidas has over 4,201 PRODUCTS for men on sale today… and 3,082 items on sale for women! heres my pick for mens….cant go wrong with a corduroy sweatshirt or fresh pair of kicks.

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