Clemson Cheerleader Asked to Prom via Instagram, She Requests 3,000 RTs and Twitter Promptly Delivers

It’s the end of the decade, you might as well shoot your shot with just about anything. You want a job? Tweet at the business. You want an autograph from a famous athlete? Slide in their DM’s. Trying to go to prom with a Clemson cheerleader? Comment on her instagram. . What do you have to lose?

Thats exactly what our good friend Matthew did. A simple question, “What has to happen for me to get you as a prom date?” and that’s all it took. Blythe must be fairly new to the twitter world or she thinks Matt is hot because 3,000 RT’s is nothing!

It didn’t even take 12 hours for him to hit 4.4k RT’s an it’s still climbing as I write this.

A feel good story to lead us in to the holidays folks, nothing warms our hearts more!

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