StubHub’s Top-Selling U.S. Events in 2019

StubHub’s top-selling U.S. events in 2019. Gross Sales

The list below is based on gross sales, Stubhub is one the most popular ticket sales websites and they have the numbers to prove it. I was surprised by some but expected the top 3, are there any games you think should have been on this list?

1. 2019 World Series (Nationals vs. Astros)

2. Super Bowl LIII (Rams vs. Patriots)

3. 2019 NBA Finals (Warriors vs. Raptors)

4. US Open (Tennis)

5. 2019 Stanley Cup Finals (Blues vs. Bruins)

Anything in the bottom 50% never deserves a highlight, do better in 2020.

6. Coachella

7. Masters

8. LSU Tigers vs. Texas Longhorns

9. LSU Tigers vs. Alabama Crimson Tide

10. College Football Championship (Alabama vs. Clemson)

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