Three Brewing Companies Are Partnering to Help the Family of A Fallen Worcester Firefighter

Wachusett Brewing Company along with Wormtown Brewery & Greater Good Imperial Brewing Company will be releasing the beer “Worcester’s Bravest” with 100% of the proceeds being donated to the Menard Children’s Fund. The fund that has been set up by the Professional Fire Fighters of Massachusetts and Worcester International Association of Firefighters Local 1009 in support of the family of fallen Worcester Firefighter Lt. Jason Menard. In honor of the release of this brew, we will be having a benefit concert on Saturday, January 25th with Go Gadget Go!


According to the Telegram the first release of the beer, Worcester’s Bravest, will take place at noon on Jan. 24 at Wormtown Brewing at a special event.

The beer will be packed in special cans that have information about Menard stamped on them.

The Wachusett version of the recipe will go on sale at its brewery at 175 State Road East in Westminster on Jan. 25. Greater Good will offer the beer starting Feb. 1 at its facility at 55 Millbrook St. in Worcester. If you’re in the Worcester area please try to make your way to one of these events and help contribute to the family of Lt. Jason Menard.

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