The snow is falling but so are the prices of Busch Light

I don’t know about you guys but when you live in the Midwest and its consistently cold and gross, all you can do is drink. Busch Light has listened to our prayers and is going to be knocking $1 off for each inch of snow that falls. The more snow falls, the more we get off and I am all for that! Below are the official details from their website;

Winter is about to get harsh, but Busch is here to make the make the cold months go down a little easier, so our fans can focus on the things that really matter.

During Busch Snow Day, every inch of snow in select cities in the Midwest and Great Lakes equals $1 off of Busch. The more snow falls, so does the price of Busch.

We’re tracking the snowfall here, and if you live in the same state as any of these cities, you’re eligible!

Rebates can be entered at any time until March 21, and you’ll receive money back shortly after that date.


As of January 14th these are the snowfall totals, I know Minnesota is supposed to get hit pretty hard this weekend. Make sure you’ve got the link handy to get the most updated snow totals in your area.

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