Last Ride for Miller Park

That’s right! The home of the Milwaukee Brewers will be renamed after this upcoming season, and the new name will be American Family Field.

I don’t know about you, but when I think of the Brewers and Miller Park, I think of beer, maybe even Miller Light. If I ever step foot in the state of Wisconsin, now known as American Family Field, I’ll probably be thinking about my son Johnny Jr. getting an autograph, taking a picture with the mascot, or getting crushed by a foul ball.

I get the message wants to encourage families to have memorable and happy experiences, but I was just fine drinking my brews and watching the brew crew slam hammies over the wall. Now I gotta go with Johnny Jr. and tell him to cheer for a passed ball or all the errors because, “the players tried their best”.

We’re getting soft America, but hey I’m really looking forward to attending and viewing future games at American Family Field. Might invite the Brady Bunch, the Tanners in San Fransisco, or Cory Matthews and his family.

Consider that on my tab folks, don’t drive drunk.

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