Rooming With A Rando

When you initially think of a roommate you think of living with someone you already know and want to live with. After reading this post about DVL’s experience I hope you’ll reconsider any doubts you may have about living with a rando.

Most of us had roommates in college that you either loved or hated, or maybe you were lucky enough to have a single, or perhaps you may have lived off campus in a house with some friends.

DVL had a single for a majority of his college career. It was great however he never was able to exerpeicne what it was like to actually live with a roommate. Lets be real, sleeping on the couch in your best friends room 3 or 4 days a week because you were too fucked up to walk back to your dorm doesn’t really count even if you want to think it does.

Anyway, with his lease ending, DVL had a big decision to make…Does he renew for another year or does he explore other options? For those of us that have lived alone, you know the importance of having time to yourself. Being able to unwind and focus on improving yourself is obviously important. Many of us that thrive on the social scene, struggle with accepting the silence that comes with living alone. You rush out of work to get home to nothing.

After a lot of thought he decided that it would be more beneficial to have a mentor and positive influence to come home to.

The next question that DVL had to answer was, “WHO?”, Who would that person be?

After going back and fourth and considering different options he discovered that might be the place to start the search. He knew of a few people that had great success with it.

Once he created a profile he came across James. A beautiful condo on Salisbury Street, which was right up DVL’s alley. The two met up and the rest was history.

Grocery Shopping: Its only fun if you’re buzzed – pictured above.

Music: both have expanded their tastes. Instead of listening o the same old playlists. I now wake up to Banana Pancakes JJ (Jack Johnson) instead of the same old playlists.

Chess: DVL had a decorative crystal chess set that for the past 6 years was used for decorative purposes only. Recently James has been teaching DVL the ways of chess however they don’t make it very far because they typically end up too drunk and DVL forgets the rules.

Sundays are for slumbers. Every Sunday night they bring their pillows nd blankets into the living room, have a fire, and stay up watching movies until they fall asleep.

Red Wine: DVL was never a fan however after being introduced to 19 Crimes that quickly changed and then crushed until the thought of it now makes them want to vomit.

DVL Specials: James thought DVL was crazy when he started talking about DVL Specials but they’re now a go to for the both of them! Wondering what a DVL Special is? Refer to the DVL Holiday Blackout.

Alexa & Technology: The two have taken their condo to the next level by adding an Alexa to the first floor and second floor having them linked together so music can be played throughout the whole house. She is their smoke alarm and security system. She also controls the TV & lights too. Alexa is a great addition to their home except when she doesn’t answer them…believe it or not she doesn’t answer to the name Siri. LOL. The guys also have their garage door linked to their phones so they can control it from anywhere & get notifications when the door has been opened or closed.

Apple Watches: James recently got an Apple Watch…after they discovered the Walkie Talkie feature DVL found himself getting one the next day. It’s now their only means of communication…so far James has only interrupted 1 of DVL’s meetings…”DUUUDEEE! you there?!”

Spanish: James taught DVL that you can make any word Spanish by simply adding “ITO” to the end of it. Their nicknames for each other range from “Papito” to “Dogeito”

Food: DVL was living off of muscle milk and string cheese… James studied Culinary and Hospitality Management at Johnson and Whales, needless to say he’s an incredible cook so every night they prepare something new and creative. It’s a team effort and they have fun with it.

Motivation: The one thing that has influenced both of them is motivation. The two motivate each other to do better and continuously improve, looking for ways to better their home, business, and themselves.

In conclusion, think outside the box and be open to new experiences. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. In the short amount of time they have lived together they have become more like brothers. If DVL didn’t the leap of living with a rando he wouldn’t have gained a life long friend. They will always have each others backs.

James, if you’re reading this…it can’t get any better than this my guy, cheers!

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