Winter Blues

Winter is a tough time for all of us. You lose the summer glow, the days are shorter, and the nights are longer.

Here are some of the top “to do’s” to make this winter more enjoyable!


Wachusett Mountain recently opened their slopes for tubing for those of us that aren’t athletic enough for skiing or snowboarding! On Sunday’s from 5pm – 10pm you can head to the mountain, grab some drinks at the bar inside the lodge and then head out on the slopes. The best part is it’s only $10 a person!

Rent a cabin up North

DVL recently booked a weekend stay in March at Tall Timber in Pittsburg, NH. With a large variety of lodging options you can find the perfect bungalow for your weekend get away! Cabins with snowmobile trails that start from your door and lead throughout scenic views is an adventure you can’t turn down! This is definitely a great option if you can get a couple of your pals together for a road trip!

Cabin featured above is ‘Bess’

Bess is by far the nicest yet most expensive cabin Tall Timber has to offer featuring snowmobile trails, water front views, and an indoor jacuzzi! This beautiful lodge sleeps 6 however splitting the cost between 6 of your friends definitely makes this more affordable & something to consider!

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