Ranking the top 3 rooms in my apartment

Hey all you cool cats and kittens…just kidding I’m done making Tiger King references for the foreseeable future. It’s been a hell of a week, I thought it was Friday yesterday but it turns out that it was only Wednesday.

That’s yesterdays news though, we live for today! I am slowly but surely going to start losing my mind so I wanted to rank the top 3 rooms in my apartment. I don’t live in a mansion but it’s not a shoe box, lets rank.

coming in at Third: The living room

I have nothing against you but I just don’t spend nearly as much time in you as the next two rooms. You have the biggest T.V sitting on top of the fireplace, Nintendo 64 and a extremely comfortable couch (no big deal) but you simply don’t cut it. The lighting is absolutely terrible for selfies. I will give the compliment that it is very nicely decorated thanks to Krista our editor-in-chief.

at Second: The “Office” / Gaming Room / Command Center

It was very hard to make the decision between ranking the next two room but sometimes as a man you have to make difficult choices. That’s what I was faced with today and I am coming out as a better person as a result. The “office”/ gaming room and command center is exactly what the name says, 3-in-1. I run the On His Tab website, social media and Quarantine Quick Hits from this room. I have a PS4 set up but my P.C also doubles as a gaming rig. The futon is perfectly set to be able to see both systems at any given time. The command center part of the name simply comes because I could probably secure the surrounding perimeters with some of the equipment in this room. No need to go in to more detail.

The 2020 world champion: My bedroom

Where the magic happens and i’m talking about sleeping! The deciding factor that elevated this room to becoming the world champion of my favorite room is the fact that it has a bathroom. The king size bed is a nice plus for 6-8 hours of sleep during quarantine, T.V is set up to stream anything my heart desires. My Mac is at an arms length, content doesn’t sleep and I always have to be ready.

I’m sorry in advance to the other two rooms which I may have hurt their feelings. I was debating doing a MTV Cribs tour but I need to get that cleared. Comment below on what your top 3 rooms are!

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