Chip Ganassi Racing has fired Kyle Larson

On Sunday during a NASCAR twitch stream, Kyle Larson dropped an N bomb. It honestly sounds fake saying it out loud but it did happen. For those that are not familiar with twitch, you can clip and download clips from any live steam. It did not take very long for clips like the one posted above to rake in 1M views and more.

NASCAR quickly made a statement the following morning suspending Larson for his actions during the iRacing event.

About an hour later Kyle Larson took to twitter to make his “apology”

This video is disgusting. Not an ounce of remorse in his voice, simply his P.R. team trying to do some damage control. The word rolled right off his tongue, it wasn’t something that just slipped out and for that he’s cancelled. I typically am not one to throw that word out there because people do tend to change from their 2008 tweets but this man deserves it.

Today, Chip Ganassi Racing released this statement;

“After much consideration, Chip Ganassi Racing has determined that it will end its relationship with driver Kyle Larson,” read the organization’s statement. “As we said before, the comments that Kyle made were both offensive and unacceptable especially given the values of our organization. As we continued to evaluate the situation with all the relevant parties, it became obvious that this was the only appropriate course of action to take.”


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