Luke Voit On His New Children’s Book Benefiting First Responders And Military Heroes

It’s May and no one expected to be reading about Luke Voit and his children’s book but here we are. The MLB season is still up in the air and if you’re anything like me, you are craving baseball content in any way shape or form. The book itself may be a little under your reading level but if you have any kids in your life, they will surely love it! Below is an excerpt from a recent interview with Voit about his book;

“It’s crazy. Times are tough,” Voit said. “I’m trying to work out as much as possible to stay in shape for when they get all this stuff figured out. And I get to do work in my yard for the first time. I’ve been doing a lot of yard work, doing stuff around the house. We’ve been getting rid of a lot, purging stuff we don’t need. Washing the cars. It’s beautiful out.”

Another thing Voit had planned to do this month isn’t happening, either. His new children’s book — “Luke’s Baseball Story” — is out, and he was supposed to visit several Bronx elementary schools to read the book to the children and talk with them about life and the importance of working hard. Those visits, obviously, had to be postponed.

“The big thing with going to those schools is putting a face and a person, and trying to give the kids someone to look up to, someone they’ve actually met,” Voit said. “I remember when I was little, I met a famous athlete or person and it was huge. I remember meeting Al MacInnis, who was a Blues player, at Costco when I was like 12. That was cool. I always remember that.”

Proceeds from the book are going to The Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation.“That supports men and women on the front lines with the firefighters, fire department and military families who are in need,” Voit said. “That’s another big part of the book, too, that hits close to home with my brother being in the military. And obviously, with all the folks out there right now on the front lines protecting us.”

The book is not for sale yet but Luke and his team are working on setting up a website and Voit will be autographing hundreds of copies.

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