I Didn’t Know Quinn XCII Wasn’t A Girl And Now He Knows It.

I tweet a lot, no I mean like A LOT. My Twitter is just a dumpster fire of all of the thoughts that run through my head daily. From my opinions to conspiracy theories, what ever comes to mind. On Monday while listening to a Spotify playlist a song came on by Quinn XCII. Honestly, I had heard some songs by this artist before or that feature him and I was convinced that it was a female artist. The album art was of a man so I immediately googled and he is a he!

I tweeted it because what else would I do? I didn’t tag him since it’s embarrassing and sort of rude. This morning while scrolling through twitter I received the notification that he had retweeted me. The tweet instantly starting blowing up and the mentions started flooding in.

Looking back at it, it’s absurd that I thought he was a she (based on his music) and I want to apologize to Quinn XCII. You can stream his new song above and I’m looking forward to his new album ‘A Letter To My Younger Self’, available everywhere July 10.

P.S. Thank you for not roasting me on Twitter.

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