Three Russian doctors treating covid-19 have recently “fallen” from windows

A doctor who had complained about shortages of protective equipment plunged from a hospital window on Saturday night.

Alexander Shulepov, 37, suffered life-threatening injuries in the fall, according to the Mail Online. He had previously attracted authorities’ attention by taking part in a video that said he was ordered to work despite testing positive for COVID-19. He and colleagues also complained about the lack of personal protective equipment in Voronezh, a city in southwestern Russia.

Two other doctors have died after falling from hospital windows during Russia’s coronavirus pandemic.


This is the biggest lie in the history of lies. Putin may have pushed him out himself or he just let one of his yes men do it. It is so comical that they even released that they “fell” out of a window. I feel like the Russian government is typically pretty good about keeping things under wraps. Has Putin lost his fastball? You tell me. As fucked up as this news is, it sheds light on how bad other countries.

I want to personally challenge Putin to a one mile race, in the U.S because I don’t have a death wish. You have 7 days to respond Vlady, if you’re not too scared. The clock is ticking!

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