Miquela, A CGI-Generated Influencer Has Signed Her First Major Record Deal

I am so fucking confused by Miquela. She is a CGI virtual influencer that’s collaborated with Calvin Klein, Bella Hadid, Lauv, and Saumsung. She, along with characters Blawko and Bermuda were created by a mysterious and well funded company in Los Angeles, Brud.

2.6 million views and counting. The video was released in late march and is quickly climbing in streams.

Here’s some real news about a fake (or, at least, unreal) star: Miquela, the digital avatar and music artist created by an L.A.-based entertainment company, has signed as CAA’s first virtual client, Variety has learned exclusively.

Miquela, aka “Lil Miquela,” launched on Instagram in April 2016 without explanation — and today she has 2.2 million followers, plus almost 550,000 on TikTok. The freckle-faced, CGI-generated teen robot is the invention of startup Brud, which positions her as a “Gen Z tastemaker”

CAA said it will work with Miquela (pronounced “mih-KAY-lah”) in all areas, including TV, film, and brand strategy and commercial endorsements, raising the prospect of a movie or show featuring the character. WME confirmed that it formerly repped Miquela in partnership with Brud.

Brud claims Miquela’s social status and “unique capabilities” as a virtual personality and singer “have the power to inspire a new generation of entertainment.” The digital character has released several songs, including a recent collaboration with real-life artist Teyana Taylor on single “Machine.”


I’m baffled. I need more time to process what is going on here because I know the future was near but holy shit, it’s here. I might have to take my talents else where if anyone wants to sign me as the voice of one of these characters.

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