Tik Tok Tuesday On A Wednesday

It’s been a long time coming and it’s finally here. Tik Tok Tuesdays! I was supposed to schedule this blog to be posted last night but then life happened. The app is the home of the most cringe, funny and weird content. I’ve been talking about getting videos on here for a long time and today we debut T.T.T! The content will be released weekly and will be mostly user submitted. You can send in videos you think deserve to be featured by Tik Tok DM @onhistab or simply by tagging us in videos.


No one was in on this but his mom and gf😂🤣🤣 #wtf #suprise #fyp

♬ original sound – Jamar🕺🏽🤣

Things every guy friend group says. Part 1. @toonsqua #fyp #foryoupage #greenvspurple ShowMeYourWalk #jamsession #college101 #guys #Znation

♬ original sound – Mike Carbone

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