Ole Miss Sigma Nu Raises $165K in Annual Charity Bowl

During the Ole Miss Rebels’ 1989 Homecoming game against the Vanderbilt Commodores, Ole Miss defensive back Chucky Mullins plunged head-first into a tackle of Vanderbilt fullback Brad Gaines after a short pass attempt. The impact shattered four vertebrae in Mullins’ cervical spine, immediately paralyzing him. In the face of this challenge, Mullins inspired the nation with his resilience and positivity. In efforts to support Mullins recovery, active members of Sigma Nu at Ole Miss founded Charity Bowl in 1990. Each year, in honor of Mullins, Sigma Nu selects an individual living with paralysis as the primary recipient of Charity Bowl.

Their 2020 Recipient was Emmie Brookins. At the age of sixteen, Emmie was involved in a car accident that left her a quadriplegic. She was a passenger in a car that struck a tree. The only thing she remembers is suddenly she felt the inability to move or breathe. She was airlifted to the Med. She had suffered injuries to her cervical spine and damaged her spinal cord. She underwent eight hours of emergency surgery to help stabilize her spinal injuries. After awakening from surgery, she had no idea the extent of her injuries. She could only bend her right arm, barely move her neck and thankfully was able to breathe on her own. She spent one week in the ICU in Memphis and was then transferred to the Shepherd Center in Atlanta. Shepherd Center specializes in spinal cord and brain injury rehabilitation. After four months at Shepherd Center, Emmie became stronger and gained the ability to bend both arms and gain slight movement in her wrists.

After eight years as a quadriplegic, she is finally learning who she is again. Emmie is able to feed herself and put on makeup, which are huge accomplishments. She is finally realizing this is her way of life now and she is going to embrace it. As a talented video Emmie will be starting her own Youtube channel called EMMIELYNN, where she shares her life and thoughts. Emmie feels her purpose is to share positivity to help others. She believes life isn’t about what she can or cannot do, it’s about what she has to offer.

The boys over a Sigma Nu have been doing one hell of a job. They faced an additional challenge with the epidemic cancelling all events but they delivered. $168,000 raised. The money this year went to the William Magee Center for Wellness Education, The Manning Foundation and to Emmie Bookins. The two foundations received $25,000 each while Bookins received the remaining $118,000. These are the stories that won’t make the mainstream news about Greek life. Make sure to share the story with friends!

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