Recap: The Call Her Daddy Drama Has Only Just Begun

Sunday night the silence was finally broken. Dave “Pageviews” Portnoy went on the Call Her Daddy feed to explain the timeline of what has happened since the signing of the podcast. If you’re here for a quick breakdown of the drama instead of listening to the 30 minute podcast, you’re in the right place.


Dave met with Alex to discuss the CHD podcast multiple times. They originally didn’t want to sign over ownership of the Call Her Daddy name. Ended up coming to an agreement for a 3 year contract (around) $70,000 plus bonuses for merchandise/downloads.

6 months in, Alex asked for a raise which she received.

1 year in, CHD starts negotiating a contract for year 2. Alex and Sofia met with Dave, after the meeting their lawyer reached out to pres asking for a sit down to negotiate the deal. The lawyer also stated they felt they were represented properly and never would’ve given Barstool the I.P.

YEAR 1 SALARY: ALEX $506,000 SOFIA: $461,000

Dave, Erika and CHD Lawyer have a conference call. A list of demands was presented that the girls wanted met in order to comeback. $1M guarantee each, no longer be qualified as Barstool employees but as freelancers, 50% of everything (merchandise sales, ad deals) and wanted the I.P. back. At that point Dave decided to cut off negotiations.

The Trail Begins…

Dave offers to give back Call Her Daddy, a new contract but Barstool would retain the rest. They wen’t dark and asked for 90%. They stopped coming in to the office, claimed they were not legally allowed to talk about it (LIES). Alex and Sofia came to meet with Dave on his rooftop. Dave asked if they were shopping the podcast around, they finally came clean letting him know they wanted to leave. Dave on that rooftop cut them a deal; 500K guarantee for both of them, increase in merchandise bonus, cut off 6 months on their contract and to give back CALL HER DADDY. Again, they went dark.

Alex reached out to Dave to let him know that they’re never going to get a deal done because of Sofia. She recognized how good the deal was and that Sofia would continue to move the goal post every time Barstool would give them more. Alex confirmed that suit man; Peter Nelson (HBO exec) had come in to the mix. He had been shopping the podcast around and had closed in a deal with Wondery. An agent took one of Barstools’ employee contracts and showed it to Peter Nelson to try to get themselves out of the contract.

Alex committed to coming to an agreement with Barstool but Sofia did not. 2-3 days went by with silence from her. Dave offered Alex 75% of CHD while Barstool would retain the remaining 25%. One Barstool was getting ready to close that deal, Sofia decided she wanted to come back which at that point was too late. Dave STILL offered her a guaranteed $500,000 deal plus her own new podcast where she could discuss her story and keep that I.P. Crickets, once again!

Alex is the only one still talking to Barstool directly while Sofia has refrained from any sort of comment.

All in all, Sofia is and idiot. There is no other way to put it, not sorry. Alex woke up and smelled the roses. You are getting handed a guaranteed $500,000 for 20 hours of work a week if that. I would take $50,000 to do what she does with no hesitation. I don’t know whats to come but the memes that have come from this ordeal have been great. Suitman is cancelled and the hunt for the new co-host is on. Will it be you?

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