SPOILER: The Winner of The Masked Singer Season 3 is…

If you have never seen The Masked Singer or have no idea what it is about let me summarize it for you. The show consists of a bunch of famous people wearing wild costumes and singing. The audience and judges vote on who their favorite performer was and the person with the least amount of votes gets unmasked. These Celebrities are not only singers they range from athletes to politicians. So before we talk about the winner, let us take a look back at the memorable people that we had on season 3.

The Robot: Lil Wayne

The robot was the first person that was unmasked during this season. It was blatantly obvious that it was Lil Wayne. You could tell by the first word that came out of his mouth and all of his clues were also easy but not a single judge guessed him.

T-Rex: JoJo Siwa

The Masked Singer
This was my favorite performance to watch. Every performance that the T-Rex had was fun and high energy. As a HUGE Jojo Siwa fan, I knew it was her and I was sad to see her go.

White Tiger: Rob Gronkowski

The Masked Singer
Every week that Gronk performed was absolutely electric. This man is no singer but he had everyone on their feet the entire time he was on this stage. He was hilarious and brought some great dance moves to the floor.

This week we have the final three performances with 2 being eliminated in the finale. if you ask me I think the last two performers should have gone head to head in one more week of the show. But that is just my opinion. We are left with the frog, the turtle and the night angel.

The Masked Singer: Who's under Turtle, Frog, Night Angel masks ...

AND THE WINNER OF SEASON THREE OF THE MASKED SINGER IS….THE NIGHT ANGEL! I knew this girl would win. You could tell from the first time she hopped on stage that she would either win or end up top 3. In third place we had the frog who was Bow Wow. Taking second place was the turtle who was Jesse McCartney. and your winner is Kandi Burruss!!!

Who Is Night Angel on The Masked Singer?: Kandi Burruss Reacts ...
Kandi Burruss is the first woman to win The Masked Singer. Congrats girl you did absolutely amazing. We will see you in the fall for season 4!

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